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Lyric poet. Blogger. Grower. Maker. I love living things.💗POM-poet💗

My lifelong friend, I take you in each hand,
All warm and gentle, soft like butterflies
That dance between my fingers, strand by strand,
And onward glide and slide with soft surmise,
Slip on and off the needles’ points, your plies
Curl up and round to make each mounting row.
Whisk through my fingers and delight…

a winter imagining…

I dream of owls upon a chilly night,
With feathers warm and deep and soft,
In tawny brown and silver, flecks of white,
Their pinions long to float the hours aloft.
This purple, silent, sodden twilight glow —
My heart a-shiver with the growing cold —
Brings thoughts how night would find me gliding…

January 1, 2021, a sonnet

To all who are dead, to all who are yet to be born,
This day the world turned, moon has set with the year
And sun rose up on tomorrow; tomorrow is here.
This day is our gift from the gods, the gift of the morn.

Listen, ye friends from…


Wake when the moon gleams
And the spirits of trees
Dance in the night with the wind.
Dance with the night.
Bow with the breeze and laugh
With the upturned nose of the fox,
Barking her joy as the fingers
Of night caress her soft fur.
Dance with the night.
Watch with the vole that patters
Out in…

a poem of nature in autumn

A. Christine Myers

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