The Man in the Moon

two haiku of an old fable

A. Christine Myers
1 min readNov 4, 2019


Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Silver edge fades blue,
Then night-black wraps round; we glimpse
Old myth in profile.

The man in the moon
Seems to slumber night away;
Awake, we dream too.

Tonight the moon is still a thin curve of white against the black sky. But old imagination can see in that profile a face that has watched nighttime in the minds of many generations. As I grow older, I find that many of these folk and fairy characters dwell far deeper in my own imagination that I ever realized, populating the interstices among reality, fiction, and actual mythology. Keeping the world a larger, sweeter place to live.

This set of haiku was written for the November #POMprompt #POMwrimo at Fiddleheads and Floss Poetry.